Puppyhood & Important Information

 No expense is spared in the keeping and rearing of our dogs & pup’s and it goes without saying that we ALWAYS breed for quality and not quantity. No dog or bitch would be considered in our breeding program unless they have exquisite temperaments, are 101% healthy and happy in every way and that they fit the UK KC and/or the FCI’s breed standards. Our goal is to produce happy, healthy and outgoing dogs that will be fit for purpose and fit for life. We believe that every dog needs to make a superb pet above anything else, for if the temperament and health is not perfect, what will become of that dog once it has finished its potential show career?. 

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We are firm believers that when it comes to our pets nothing is too good and as such we always provide the best possible life and upbringing for them. Any litters born here at Cloverbud will be born by the side of my bed where mother and babies will then spend the next 2-3 weeks or so, before then being moved into larger and more active quarters such as the kitchen. Here, they will be encouraged to explore their surroundings and get used to all daily activity and the noises of all house hold appliances etc. By the time they’ve reached 4-5 weeks we start taking them outside for a few minutes at a time where we encourage them to begin their “potty training”. At around the age of six weeks they are usually allowed the run of the house and at this stage they also, while supervised, begin their introduction to our other dogs . Once they reach the age of 8 - 9 weeks, they are generally ready to leave for their new homes and by this time their crate training is also well on its way     My nephew Kian kissingg a puppy (August 2011).



We only breed on a small scale and our stock is directly/closely related to some of the top winning bloodlines in the world (such as Nujax, Chelines, Repitition's, Matraszepe, Svarcava, Risepark etc.)

Because we breed infrequently we hold waiting lists for our puppies due to many of them being reserved before they are even born.

-Should you be interested in purchasing a puppy from us, we would ask you to fill in a form containing your details and preferences (i.e. what colour & sex are you looking for? Are you looking for a pet or a show prospect? Have you got any previous experience of dogs (type/breed etc.)? What have you got to offer (i.e. Would the dog live indoors or outdoors? How many hours a day do you work/are you expecting to work in the foreseeable future etc. What exercise level/time would you be able to offer?, etc.

 We care very much for our dogs and puppies and hope you'll be understanding as to why we have to ask these questions.  

Our puppies are sold as pets or show prospects only & all pedigrees will be endorsed with the KC;

*Progeny NOT eligible for registration

*NOT eligible for export pedigree

In exceptional circumstances, whereby a dog/bitch has had a proven track record in the show-ring are we willing to consider lifting these endorsements.

We hope you will understand that this is a necessary step for us to take in order to ensure the optimal health/welfare for our dogs/puppies future.