Cloverbud The Perfect Nanny



Born: 09/03/13

Height: 34 cm / 13"

Weight: 8.1

Color: Black & Silver

Eye Tested clear on: 03/09/14

Nancy is a super-duper gorgeous girl that is sweet as anything yet has lots of personality. From our G-Litter, she is a daughter of our George & Cyndi and is beautifully bred.

*A carrier of all four recognized colours within the breed!

           Pictured above is Nancy as a mere 5 week old puppy, awww!

Nancy is a gorgeous, well built and robust girl with lots of confidence and affection! She is always happy and wows the crowd wherever her foot turns. She has the most striking of colours with a simply beautiful ear/tail set and a perfect, hard coat and lots of good quality leg hair.We look forwards to seeing what Nancy might produce for us in the future, whatever it will be we just KNOW that she will throw some outstanding puppies.

Nancy is loved and looked after by her 'guardian mommy' Lynne, who takes such good care of her and it is obvious to anyone that they both adore one another! Thank you Lynne for giving Nancy such a good home <3

Pictures above: 6 months of age (L), 8 months of age (C), 8 months of age (R)