Nujax Special Delivery For Cloverbud



  Breed: Miniature Schnauzer


  Born:  23/2/11


  Height: 36 cm


  Weight: 9.1 kg


  Color: Black & Silver


  Eye Tested clear on: 19/06/13 


*Marion's bloodlines represents some of the most reputable Schnauzer's & their breeders in the world, this truly is one "blue-blooded" lady and we have great hopes for this little girl.


 Click here to view Marion's pedigree





Gentle, calm, kind, patient and loving, just look deep into her eyes and you'll find the real meaning of true love! She really is one extraordinary girl with a personality to match her outstanding beauty and impeccable pedigree.

Marion came from a very reputable, well known and successful show breeder in Nottingham. We aquired her in April this year and are ever so grateful towards her breeders for entrusting her to us! Ever since I was a little girl (when I lived back in Sweden) the place of Nottingham has been strongly represented by one thing to me -namely that of Robin Hood! Since Marion was born and bred in the vicinities of this spellbinding place, she simply had to be named after Robin Hood's true love -the beautiful and never forgotten Maid Marion :-) 

Bought as a serious show prospect, we are already attending ring craft classes with her and intend to have her ready for some official shows, once she is old and mature enough, later this year. -I simply can't wait as Marion truly is one very special young lady!