Date of Birth: 8/10/12

               Sire: Matraszepe Negresco Von Cloverbud ~ Dam: Boterres Saucee Sal

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The names used for this litter and the following litter (Litter E) were taken from the Broadway production of the musical Camelot.
The original 1960 production was produced by Moss Hart and saw Julie Andrews play the role of Queen Guenevere throughout its very successful run of some 873 performances!

Unfortunately I could not use the name 'Camelot' itself as I discovered it is an actively used Kennel Name:o(  Aah well, perhaps there are other Schnauzer owners/breeders/exhibitors out there that adore Dame Julie just as much as I do!

 Some of the musical numbers from the play are shown below and it was from these (along with characters from the play) that the puppy names were drawn

Act I
  • "The Simple Joys of Maidenhood" – Guenevere
  • "Camelot" (reprise) – Arthur, Guenevere
  • "The Lusty Month of May" – Guenevere, Ensemble
  • "The Jousts" – Arthur, Guenevere, Ensemble
  • "Before I Gaze at You Again" – Guenevere
Act II
  • "What Do the Simple Folk Do?" – Arthur and Guenevere
  • "I Loved You Once In Silence" – Guenevere


Don't let it be forgot
That once there was a spot,
For one brief, shining moment
That was known as Camelot.

 Puppy 1

Name: Cloverbud King Arthur

Black, male.





Puppy 2

Name: Cloverbud Queen Guinevere

Black, female.


Puppy 3

Name: Cloverbud Lonesome silence

Pepper & Salt, female.


Puppy 4

Name: Cloverbud Joy of Maidenhood

Pepper & Salt, female.


Puppy 5

Name: Cloverbud Wisp of Glory

Pepper & Salt, female.