We feed a R.A.W (B.A.R.F -Bones And Raw Food) Diet to our dogs & puppies since January 2014

 Our dogs and puppies are all fed on a natural diet:

While it is not necessary to feed anything but a quality dry complete food, we feel that we want to provide our dogs with more than the 'minimum standards' for 'necessary' and as such we made a conscious decision to switch all our dogs, including weaning our puppies, onto a natural diet free from all the nasty fillers and preservatives that one so commonly will find in the 'hyped about' dry foods on the market today...

by giving our dogs meat and raw bones, we are providing the dogs with a more natural diet, a bit like mother nature intended for our dogs common ancestor, the wolf!

Did you know that the dogs DNA matches that of the wolf by over 99% and that the inside (intestines) are very nearly identical to that of the wolf?



 The saying You are what you eat….

…. Also applies to your dog!

The diet of your canine friend is indeed a very important aspect of dog ownership and as a responsible dog owner it is up to you to make sure that his/her nutritional requirements are met.

While top brands of food often are more expensive, they do have higher quality ingredients together with a complex range of vitamins & minerals that have been formulated especially for a dog’s nutritional requirements. Dogs are carnivores (meat eaters) after all –meaning that a dog in the wild will eat a meat based diet… therefore a high quality food will list meat (specified source) as its first ingredient, whether it be dry food (kibble/biscuits) or canned/tray food. A quality food should also contain very few (if any at all!) additives such as preservatives, colorants & fillers.

While it might appear more expensive to start off with, a good, premium quality food often ends up as cheap if not cheaper in the long run. This is because with quality ingredients, a dog’s intestine is able to utilize the food that is passed through him a lot easier than he would with those ingredients that his digestive system was not built to cope with in the first place (such as grain based food). The results are obvious when your dog, if fed on a good quality food, will need to eat less in order to maintain the same weight as he would on higher quantities’ but poorer quality foods. Also, by feeding quality, you will have less quantity of his/her returns (poop!), and while all of this is true, the most important factor will be seen over time because you can expect a correctly fed dog to shine from the inside out: He/she will be healthier in the long term and his/her behaviour is likely to be a lot more manageable in all aspects.

Your dog’s health could be at stake so please do your research & feed the best quality that you can afford as generally you get what you pay for!