Our Guardian/Family Care Home Programme:

This programme offers an excellent opportunity for families who have the love and time to devote to the care of one of our Miniature Schnauzers, but perhaps cannot afford to buy a puppy in the usual manner, or alternatively for those families who like to go on holiday(s) a few weeks a year and for various reasons are unable to bring their dog along.

Our decision to introduce this programme has been thought through very carefully and is based on our genuine belief that every dog deserves to have a family and a home that they can call their very own: A place where they are cared for to the highest of standards, while receiving lots of exercise, love and affection and are each allowed to be a true member of the family.
Whilst this has always been our policy here at Cloverbud, we have, since Derrick’s stroke, struggled to give each dog enough individual quality time to feel that they all are the truly pampered family members that we feel they so deserve to be.
–For example; prior to Derrick’s stroke, the Mini’s and I (Emma) were out walking the Pembrokeshire coastal path for miles and miles each week (and loving every moment of it!), whereas now I am unable to leave home for any length of time due to Derrrick’s extensive care needs, and since his wife Judith is also physically impaired due to aggressive osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, she is unable to walk the dogs or participate in any physical care for her husband. 

As conscientious and caring breeders, we continually strive to develop and improve the miniature Schnauzer breed: But in order to do this successfully, we require a number of dogs in our breeding programme. We do not kennel our dogs and under NO circumstances are we prepared to kennel our babies as we are NOT willing to sacrifice our beloved companions and valued members of the family by subjecting them to an inferior life style!! However, under our current circumstances it would be unrealistic for us and unfair on our Mini’s, to have as many dogs as we need in order to fulfill our goal to perfect the breed and see our dogs prove themselves in the show world as well as to have reliable, sound and 'perfect' companion :)

In Sweden (and the USA, along with some other countries) this kind of Guardianship/Care Home Programme has already been successfully in place for a long time, having many of the top show/pet breeders participating to date.
We feel that this is the perfect solution for us here at Cloverbud Miniature Schnauzers, as this special programme will allow our breeding dogs to continue to live as much loved family pets, with local, carefully selected families while participating in our breeding programme.

What led us to reach this decision?

Derrick and Suzie (Cloverbud Sound of Music), at home; Getting to go to the Pembrokeshire County Show, (Aug. 13th 2013)



On the 18th of October 2012, Derrick suffered a major stroke and our lives were literally turned upside down.


The following four months were spent mainly in the acute stroke ward/intensive care units of Withybush Hospital during which time we were told by Doctors & specialists to expect the worst and on four different occasions we nearly did lose him. Fortunately it seems a lucky star was shining over him and he slowly started to improve. However, the stroke left behind a lot of damage and Derrick now requires 24 hours of care.

Consequently I no longer have the same amount of time to devote to our four legged friends and this in turn has led us to reach the decision to offer some of our lovely females to local families under a 'Guardian/Care Home Programme'. Placing our girls into new, permanent homes under this programme will be better for them since it will give each individual the one-to-one attention that they so deserve, while at the same time ensuring that we don't loose track of them or the blood lines and types that we have worked so hard to establish. Taking on a girl under this scheme means that you get a really nice puppy/dog free of charge, while we retain the breeding rights. Below you can read a little bit more about our 'Guardianship' and what it entails.



How does it Work?


As opposed to paying the expected purcahse price for a pet puppy, a local family takes on a ‘pick of litter’ puppy (sometimes we may also have young adults available), chosen by us, at no purchasing cost to themselves. In legal terms, she will remain in our ownership, but the family care home is expected to treat her as if she was their own dog. We lay out some guidelines with regards to feeding, health care and grooming which must be followed (because each situation is slightly different we prefer to work out specific details with each family on an individual basis).
Once the puppy reaches 12-18 moths of age, we assess her for quality based on our high breeding standards. We then have her health screened to ensure that she is a suitable candidate for breeding. Based on these results we will then decide if we would like to breed from her in the future.
PLEASE NOTE: Any breeding related expenses and health testing pertinent to breeding will be the responsibility of us here at Cloverbud Miniature Schnauzers.

If we decide not to breed from her, we request that you have her spayed and once we have proof that this has been done we will transfer the legal ownership into your name and this will terminate our Guardian/Care Home contract. This scenario occurs very rarely.

If we decide that we would like to breed from her, she comes back to us to be bred, whelp and raise her litter before returning to her Family Care Home. Our new contract now states that we will only ever breed one litter from anyone female being placed in a 'Guardian Home'.
The care families are, of course, welcome to visit her during the time she spends with us, (this would be for around one week to be bred and around nine to twelve weeks to whelp and raise her litter). We maintain an excellent relationship with our Guardian/Family Care Home dogs to ensure that they are comfortable and relaxed when they are having their puppies. During the contract period, we will have the dog here with us in our home should the carer want to go on a holiday; this is a great way to keep up the relationship, and we find that they treat us here at Cloverbud as their second home and holiday camp!

Our Guardian/Family Care Home girls are family pets first and foremost, and they spend the vast majority of their time living with their respective families. However, they will spend an approx 12-14 weeks with us here at Cloverbud, as, when and if we decide to breed from her.  Once she has whelped her litter and she goes permanently back home to her 'Care Home', we request that she is spayed, at her 'carers' expense, prior to us handing over full ownership to her Care Family, where she will live as a family pet for the rest of her life. We find that the dogs are very relaxed throughout the entire process and are equally comfortable with us in their ‘home’ away from home


Pictured Above is Cloverbud's Julia Elizabeth,
aka 'Julia, who bred one absolutely delightful
litter for us prior to retiring to live with one
of her daughters :)


This Black & Silver puppy is known by the name 'Wilma' (Registered name is Cloverbud Will-O-The Wisp). She was born on the 02/05/14, and is one of the dogs we have available under our 'Care Home Programme' We are looking at breeding one litter from her, when she is old enough and mature enough, prior to her 'breeding retirement.

This Black & Silver puppy has been sold to his loving, forever pet home, However, we are planning on keeping another female like him that will be available to a local Guardian/Care Home family. If you have a suitable home and would like to be considered, then please feel free to contact us.

 Pictured above is Cloverbud Mary Poppins, who has already been sold to a wonderful, loving home (Exported to Sweden). We are however hoping to keep a white female just like her in the future so if you would like to be considered as a suitable Guardian/Care Family then please register your interest.


What Are the Main Advantages?

  1. They get a top quality Miniature Schnauzer without paying the associated purchasing cost for their pet (normally in the region of £850-£1000).
  2. They don’t need to pay for kenneling and have peace of mind when on holiday.
  3. Benefit of being involved with the puppies without all the hard work and responsibility!



What Are the Main Disadvantages?

The only down-sides are that the dog does need to spend approx. 12-14 weeks with us (first for associated honeymooning and then to come back to us in order to whelp/raise her puppies,) although family carers are welcome to visit during this period!
We also require that the Guardian/Care home family stays in regular contact with us and give us updates/progress reports from time to time



We agree to your requirements and feel that we can provide a safe and loving home, does that mean that we are Eligible?

We assess each potential Guardian/Care home Family on a case by case basis.
So if you live within a couple of hour’s drive (we are located approx. 4 miles from Haverfordwest, some 50 miles, or so, west of Swansea) and are interested in taking part in our Guardian/Family Care Home programme, please contact us.
If you on the other hand feel that the Guardian/Family Care Home programme is not for you, please
click here to see the puppies that we have available for sale.



If You are interested in finding out more about this programme, or would like to register an interest in a current/future puppy/adult then please do not hesitate to telephone me on 01437-776 707 or 0796-098 47 78.


The four pictures below is of Cloverbud Shining Moment (aka 'Florence') Florence is out of Paris and by our George and has won and been place at many local and championship shows. She will be attending CRUFTS in March 2014 with her owner/handler Val who bought Florence as a little puppy.

If you are interested and would like to be considered for a puppy like this then please register your interest with us