Archie has sired some absolutely beautiful puppies and has now moved to Sweden to live with my mother (as a pet).
Thank you my wonderful little 'BearHugger boy' -I look forwards to seeing you on my annual visits back home!

Serimalb Mister Pipkin Von Cloverbud


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Born: 08/05/10

Height: 34.5 cm

Weight: 7.4 Kg

Colour: White

Eye-tested clear on: 09/05/12

*Has solid white parentage + multiple International Champions in his five generation pedigree as well as three out of four grand-parents being International Champions

Archie is one of our two gorgeous white Miniature Schnauzer stud dog's.

We bought him as a nine week old puppy in 2010 from a lovely and reputable breeder -We really couldn't have asked for a nicer dog! He is very true to type with his Cobby body, nice strong top-line, excellent bone and lovely, thick furnishings to complement his wonderful expression! Archie's temperament is simply superb. He really is one of the kindest, gentlest & most loving of dogs you will ever come across and if you ever meet him we are sure you'll agree. -We absolutely adore him!!

Archie only had a couple of outings in the official show-ring before an unfortunate accident to his right eye prevented him from continuing his show successes. Out of the two outings he had, he managed to win his class at the Pembrokeshire County Show, before going on to take the best in Group! The accident has not affected his stud duties or potential to produce the excellent quality stock that he has, despite his young age, managed to become so well known for: He still passes his annual eye tests and a copy of the certificate will be provided to any visiting bitches.

 He comes from a solid white background (parents, grandparents & great grandparents are all white!), as well as a solid history of eye-tested generations combined with the fact that he has multiple international champions in his breeding, he really does make an excellent and rare choice for anybody who wishes to breed good, robust and healthy stock with divine temperaments while at the same time having the added advantage of producing stock of show potential!


Below you will see Archie as he looks today: with one eye & still exceptionally handsome!



 If you are interested in using Archie on your girl then please do not hesitate to contact us!

However, please note that we will require the following from visiting owners and bitches:

1.  Your bitch MUST be in good health.

2. She must be of an appropriate age to carry and nurse a litter

    (as a general guideline, this is a minimum of 18 months and no more than 7 years at the time of whelping)

3. Your bitch is required to hold an up to date eye certificate (clear)

4. Your bitch must be of a good nature.

5. You will be required to show an up to date vaccination card for your bitch before mating.


 Please understand that the reason for all of these requirements are primarily to safeguard the welfare of our dogs and any visiting bitches, while at the same time doing our utmost to ensure the health and well-being to all resulting puppies from the mating.

If you would like to discuss booking Archie to your bitch then please do give us a call and tell us a little bit about yourself(es) and your bitch. You can reach us on 01437-776 707 or 0796-098 47 78, alternatively, you can e-mail us at


         Archie's Mother: Bamburs Ivory Liberty Bell Vom Mukoosa 

Photo belongs to the late Mr Larry Stapleford (Mukoosa Kennel)

 Archie's Father: Valentino Svarcava Von Serimalb
(pictured as a puppy)

      Photo courtesy of Hedvika Marková at Švarcava Kennel!

         This mating resulted in little Archie
           (Pictured as a two month old puppy)