Hi Emma.
Sorry I haven't been in touch sooner, like I explained on the phone we`ve been pretty busy lately what with moving into our new house and of course Griff!

Emma he is absolutely brilliant! In just 4 months of having him he is growing into such a lovely dog. He has an excellent personality and so loyal. He has quite literally taken over but we wouldn`t have it any other way. He was pretty easy to toilet train so at the moment we`re not having any surprises in the morning. He comes to work with me every day and he loves his trips in the van. Where ever we take him everyone wants to come and give him a smooth and cant get over how handsome he is, he`s a proper head turner.

I am so pleased I found you and I cant thank you enough for bringing such an amazing little dog like Griff into our lives. The saying `A dog is a mans best friend' is very true, he certainly is!

Hope you like the pictures.

Best wishes
Byron , Ailsa and Griff.

Quotes Teddy is now two and a half and has developed into an excellent, very intelligent pet. His temperament is exceptional and his colouring is constantly commended on, not many with his distinctive black face with white eyebrows and beard. Quotes
Alex & Pam Chalmers
Delighted Owner

Quotes We have an amazing new character in our lives, Bonnie aka Auntie Joan. She is an absolute delight. Loving, confident, adaptable, fun, happy and amazing with children. Thank you so much. Bonnie is a credit to you. I have recommended all my friends visit the magical cloverbud farm. Amazing people and wonderful dogs. Thanks again Amelia, Jack and Bonnie 💕🐶 Quotes
Amelia & Jack

Quotes Hi all at Cloverbud, So sorry I haven't got back to you sooner. I got my boy Zucker 2 years ago, he is the best dog I could ever have chosen. Contrary to the standard, he has grown almost 2 inches taller than he should have lol. But as I'm not going to show, it's absolutely fine. Also contrary to schnauzer rules he is the quietest too. Has never barked at the door or when people call round. In fact if people walk past the back garden he has a look out of the pet flap and that's it.. I couldn't have got a better Mini Schnauzer EVER. Kind of spoiled me towards others now. When we visit the vets for his check up they all adore him as he behaves impeccably. Anyhoo I really should have sent this before now, but at least I've done it. Only taken 2 years lol Yours Stu 25/8/2015 Quotes
Stuart Whistance
Best Boy Ever

Quotes Hi Emma Kai is now 9 months old and as delightful as ever, he had his first experience of little people this week and was exemplary in his behaviour. One of the things we have noticed is his ability to sense I'll health. Our friend was taken ill but had failed to tell anyone but Kai wouldn't leave him alone and sat at his feet watching him until we sought medical attention for him. He is also particularly sensitive to our youngest son who has rheumatoid arthritis and if our son lays on the floor Kai will nudge him gently to ensure he is ok. However if I or my husband lie on the floor he jumps all over us playing. We couldn't be happier with our little pup, thank you. Quotes
Dawn Ellis
Delighted Mum

Quotes Dear Emma Just thought I would drop you a line and let you know how Bruno is. He is now 8 months old and a wonderful little boy. He is so quiet, calm but very playful and we love him so much. He goes everywhere with us, and he loves caravanning. We are so pleased we travelled all the way to South Wales and bought him from you as we have never had one regret. He is excellent with other dogs as he has been socialised from a very early age and plays with them everyday on common land at the edge of our village. Bruno is also very obedient for such a young dog. We will send you a photograph of him with your Christmas card and you never know, we may be up to Wales next year to buy him a playmate. Thanks again Emma, for a wonderful little companion. Kind regards Pat & Maurice Lambert Quotes
Pat Lambert

Quotes Hi Emma. Ralph and I would just like to say a HUGE thankyou for our darling Frankie. He has literally brought pure joy into our home and we all truly love him....even when he's in hyper mode and generally causing mayhem..haha x :) x We also wanted to praise you for the wonderful way you care for all your beautiful little Schnauzers .It really is our pleasure and priviledge to tell everyone that Frankie is a Cloverbud puppy x Once again many many heartfelt thanks and of course happy waving paws to you from Frankie x :) x All our very best wishes Ralph and Tracey x x x x x Quotes
Ralph and Tracey Davies
Sooooo Happy x :) x

Quotes Hi Emma Just to let you know we took Dougie to the vet today and he has been given Advocate for his next treatment at 13 weeks. I really wanted to tell you that whilst waiting to go in loads of people came up to us and admired Dougie! He was funny as he growled at the biggest dog in the waiting area :-)) He is a model dog and has been since we got him home not even having 'accidents' in the house! Anyway, when we took him into the vet, the vet was absolutely bowled over by him :-) He told us he is the best example of a schnauzer he has seen and adored him... He said he could see how well he was bred. We have been delighted with him and would've been whatever the vets opinion, but thought you would like to know how well you and your work is thought of by others... He had his second injections too so will be able to get about a little after 10 days. Big love to you all - no need to reply to this, but thought you would be happy to hear this news... Nicki x Quotes
Nicki Ladbrooke