Date of Birth: 01/08/11

               Sire: Serimalb Mister Pipkin Von Cloverbud ~ Dam: Hallowquest Black Opal 

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 Puppy 1

Name: Cloverbud's Humpty Dumpty

Black, male.   

In 1949, Julie performed in the pantomime of "Humpty Dumpty" at the London Casiono Theatre -she was cast as the egg itself.

   (Aged 6  weeks)



 Puppy 4

Name: Cloverbud's Dingle Bell

Black, male.

"Dingle Bell" was the nickname of Julie's Auntie's  husband (uncle Bill). The name derived from Julie's younger brother, Chris, who was unable to say the words 'Uncle Bill' when he was very young. This name was eventually adopted by the whole family.

  (Aged 8 weeks)



Puppy 6

Name: Cloverbud's Coconut Grove

White, female.

Julie was working in the center of Blackpool Theatre at the Hippodrome in the summer of 1949. The show was called "Coconut Grove" (a variety show) & she was was billed as "Julie Andrews -Melody of Youth".

   (Aged 6 weeks)


Litter 1, Aged 6 days

Litter 1, Aged 10 days

Litter 1, Aged 10 days

Whisper of Whey, Coconut Grove, Humpty Dumpty, Educating Archie, Sweet Violet
-Aged 5 weeks



Puppy 2

Name: Cloverbud Educating Archie

White, male. 

 In June 1950, Julie began work as a resident singer on the weekly BBC radio  show called 'Educating Archie' who was originally booked for a six-week run as a filler, but ended up running for 30 consecutive weeks, gaining some 12 million listeners!  Julie played the little girl next door & sang many songs & arias.

 (Aged 5 weeks)



Puppy 3

Name: Cloverbud's Whisper of Whey

Black, male.

 In 1948, Julie & her family bought a little Corgi puppy -his pedigree name was "Whisper of Whey". 

  (Aged 8 weeks)



Puppy 5

Name: Cloverbud's Julia Elizabeth

White, female.

 Julie was named after her two grand mothers -Julia Elizabeth. Julia was     her maternal grandmother and Elizabeth was from her fathers side. The  name   was eventually shortened to 'Julie' in conjunction with her mothers marriage to Ted Andrews (step dad).

   (Aged 6 weeks)



Puppy 7

Name: Cloverbud's Sweet Violet

Black, female.

At the age of 12, Julie performed in a revue called 'Starlight Roof'. on the grand opening night (October 23rd 1947) her mother was walking a young Julie towards the theatre when she found an English flower lady in a convenient corner of
Leicester Square. Julie's mother wanted to buy her daughter "some flowers for luck", but when the flower lady found out that it was the little girls grand opening night she stated that she was "giving them to'er for good luck". Needless to say the song she sang was a show stopper and violets took on a new meaning to Julie that night!! :-)

*NB (an extract of the actual 'show-stopper'song she sang at this show is played
as background music for this page!)

(Aged 5 weeks)


Litter 1, Aged 6 days

 Litter 1, Aged 10 days